Uses and types of roll up garage doors

Uses and types of roll up garage doors

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When it comes to choosing the best type of garage doors, every homeowner has different tastes and budget.

What really is the primary function of the roll up type door and how it will help you at home?

A roll-up garage door is a specially designed door that literally rolls up into a cylinder just above the entry area of your garage.

Uses and types of roll up garage doorsIf you want to have this type of door, there must be an aluminium or steel curtain fixed to the rear side of your garage's front wall, just above its door opening. There should also be a track that guides your doors and keeps it in place on the inside.

Now that you already know the main purpose of a roll-up door, also consider the many benefits it can give you and your family.

The reason why roll-up garage doors are a well-known choice for many is because they are very easy to install. The installation process becomes easier with the help of garage door repair Hurst experts.
Moreover, these doors come in a wide choice of materials, weights, models, and even customized styles.

They are also suitable for just about any use especially if there are space constraint in your garage area, a roll-up door will fit just fine even in a low garage door opening.


After knowing its uses, now let’s discuss the different types of roll-up garage doors. There are two classifications of these doors depending on how the steel curtains are arranged when open.

The first type of door will roll up the sheets into a cylinder directly above the door's entry way. They are more durable and secure. They are commonly used for commercial installations and are a good choice for a residential home.

The second one is made up of a number of panels joined together and when rolled on the tracks, it arranges the door under the garage's ceiling. They are considered as panel roll up doors and are commonly used in residential buildings. However, they are much more complicated to set up because of the number of parts.

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