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What if the safety feature is too sensitive?

Sometimes, door openers reverse their action upon encountering very small blockages along the tracks or when the photo eye detects something very small. This is not necessarily a fault. You just have to make sure that the obstacles are removed. Have the unit fixed if it keeps reversing for no apparent reason.

Are chain-drive openers inferior to screw-drive ones?

Whether or not a screw drive garage door opener is actually better than a chain-drive type depends on the situation. Our garage door specialists say that in theory, screw-drive is better since it does not have chains that eventually sag or break over time. Nevertheless, chain-drive openers are not awfully inferior.

Can I handle my garage door maintenance?

It is always best if you leave the job of maintaining your garage door to the experienced professionals who have the training to properly care for its moving parts. Keep safe and let our garage door repair company in Hurst handle your door maintenance.

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